Retail chains use 3D printing to develop display objects in a cost effective way

The window display of a retail store is the most important feature to attract consumers to their store. With the help of display material, they give the windows a certain look and feel which should attract their target group. Hence, large retail chains spend hundreds of thousands of euros annually on display material and marketing displays.

Nowadays, with technological development and 3D printing, the retail chains are able to reduce the costs for marketing displays significantly. A Dutch company, who owns multiple Builder Extremes, is printing one of a kind display materials for well-known clothing and accessories retail stores.

The Dragon on the picture was 3D printed as a single piece on the Builder Extreme 1500 and has been post processed to make it look like steel. The Dragon was made for a flagship store in London, but will now be used as a mould to reproduce the Dragon to display it in more than 125 stores worldwide.

More information about the Builder Extreme 1500 can be found here.

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