Thank you for your trust in our company and products. Please, read the following information carefully so as you can install your Builder Extreme smoothly and start printing your first project soon.

Step 1. Installation / Quick start of the Builder Extreme

Please find the Quick Start for the Builder Extreme 3D printer here. The page guides you through the process of removing the printer from the pallet, installing filaments and running the test print. Following the Quick Start enables you to start your first project without any issues. If you have any questions during the set-up, please fill in this form.

Go to Quick Start

Step 2. Install Simplify3D and import the FFF profile

Simplify3D is the slicing software used to convert your 3D model (.STL) into a gcode. The software is used to determine print speed, infill percentage of the print and more. You have received the Simplify3D license for 2 devices by email, so you can now create your personal log-in.

Note: The Builder Extreme is not listed in Simplify3D as a standard printer, so choose Other printers and click OK.

We have created standard FFF profiles for a 0.4, 0.8 and 1.2 mm nozzle. With these optimized settings, you are able to use the Builder Extreme directly after installation. Please download the FFF profile for your model of the Builder Extreme here. Open Simplify3D and go to FileImport FFF profiles and import the FFF profile. Now you are ready to start slicing.

Printer Download Date
Builder Extreme 1000 PRO ZIP 23-01-2024
Builder Extreme 1500 PRO ZIP 23-01-2024
Builder Extreme 2000 ZIP 23-01-2024
Builder Extreme 2000 PRO ZIP 23-01-2024
Builder Extreme 3000 PRO ZIP 23-01-2024
Builder Extreme 1500 PRO HC ZIP 23-01-2024

Trouble shooting for Simplify3D can be found here:

Step 3. Manual Builder Extreme 3D printer

Please find the manual of the Builder Extreme 3D printer below. Make sure you download the correct version for your Builder Extreme as we have also listed manuals for the previous models. Read the manual carefully before 3D printing your first project.

Step 4. Check whether your software is up to date (V1.35)

Every few months we upload an updated version of the software for the Builder Extreme PRO 3D printers. Please, make sure you have the latest software version to keep your machine up to date.


You can download the latest software version here:

Builder Software v1.35 (ZIP)

Please follow these steps:

Manual for updating software

The Builder Extreme has now successfully been updated. Note that the software recognizes which Builder Extreme you have, so please follow the instructions to prevent issues with updating and upload all 6 files.

If you have any issues during the software update, please submit a support request.

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