Diego Oro 3D printed a 2.7 m tall Knight Zero on his Builder Extreme

Diego Oro is the owner of a 3D printing service located in Turin, Italy called Oro S.r.l. In early 2017, Diego decided to focus on more ambitious goals than just offering a 3D printing service. With the help of 3D printers, he had the opportunity to bring his personal artistic vision to life.

Inspired by the Italian writer Italo Calvino’s “The non-existent knight”, he conceived an iconic world in which Middle Ages meet the modern technology. In this fictional world, medieval knights are replaced by 9 meters tall mechs operated by yet raw steam turbines.

Diego purchased the Builder Extreme 1000 to be able to print a 2.7 meter tall Knight Zero which consists of over 290 parts. The Knight Zero was printed in 4 months and weights over 50 kg. The Builder Extreme has been printing 4 months 24/7 to finish this project on time. It was printed in PLA and some parts where painted.

The Knight Zero was displayed in January 2018 at the Turin Toys Model Expo 2018 and is now on display at the Mecha Museum in Turin. Diego explains: “thanks to the affordable Builder Extreme, I was able to turn my visions in to reality. The Extreme has worked non-stop and is very reliable. I am already printing my next project!”.

More information about the Builder Extreme 1000 can be found here.

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