CONVELA - ground breaking products for the emotional milestones of life

CONVELA stands for innovative ideas, aesthetic perfection and high standards of quality. These are the cornerstones of their thought and action. They create products that orchestrate life’s particular situations in emotional spaces. With the help of the Builder Extreme 2000, CONVELA is able to create custom made pieces of the SOGON.

”The SOGON is a modular presentation furniture system for emotional moments, such as weddings and mourning ceremonies. The 3D technology allows for us to produce in a small number of units in synthetic materials. For us, the Extreme has the required printing dimensions, price and service are in a very decent balance”.

The SOGON is 1100 mm high and 500 mm wide. The SOGON is printed upside down to be able to print this tall object without support. With a 0.8 mm nozzle, a layer height of 0.4 mm and print speed of 80 mm p/s the total print time is 8 days. Despite the tall product, there is no loss in print quality at the top of the object.

More information about the Builder Extreme 2000 can be found here.

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