Welcome to the factory of Builder 3D Printers

The Builder Extreme factory is located in Noordwijkerhout, a small place on a Dutch West Coast. The factory is located only 25 minutes away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, which makes it easy for resellers and potential clients to visit our factory. Next to our factory we have a 50 square meter showroom where the Builder Extremes are displayed and where resellers are trained.

Production areas

Many components of the Builder Extreme are designed and produced in our own factory. Components such as the control box of the Extreme, the software for the control box, the print heads and cables are all produced by our own production team. Other parts such as the casing of the machines, the transparent doors and stepper motors are made by carefully selected European suppliers.

The production area of the Builder Extreme is divided in 5 different areas. In area 1 we produce the parts such as the control box, print head and more. All parts that we do not produce in our factory, arrive at area 1. In area 2 we test the products made by us and do several quality checks on the products which came from our suppliers. After testing and selecting the approved components, the parts go to area 3 where the Builder Extremes are being produced. Did you know we use our own printers to 3D print tools to make the production process more efficient? In area 4 the Builder Extremes are tested. Every Builder Extreme is tested over 50 hours and does several stress tests such as printing at maximum speed while printing a dual coloured object, a power failure and printing a bed level test. When all tests are done and the printer is approved by the production manager, the printers are ready for area 5 where the Builder Extreme will be packed for shipping.


The Builder Extreme is carefully packed and is shipped in a carton box which is designed to keep the printer safe during its travel. The accessory box of the Builder Extreme is placed on the aluminium build plate and all other extras such as the BOFA air filter, filaments and extra nozzles are placed on top of the box. This is done to make sure these parts cannot damages the printer during shipping. After sealing the box, the printer is ready to be picked up.

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