Life size 3D print of pregnant lady

In a previous business case we have shown that the Builder Extreme is used by the largest mannequin companies in the world for producing customized mannequins and moulds. A Dutch company called Bellyprint is specialized in scanning and 3D printing the statues of pregnant ladies. The 3D printed sculpture is a reminder of the 9 very special months of carrying a baby.

Bellyprint scanned a well-known Dutch singer/songwriter and reached out to us if we were willing to 3D print her statue in 1:1 scale. We said yes straight away and we even took it to the next level with post-processing of the print.

After the scan was prepared for 3D printing, we sliced it with our Simplify3D settings for a 0.8 mm nozzle. The print was done with a 0.4 mm layer height in white PLA and took 198 hours. After we removed the supports by hand, we have been working on the post processing which started with sanding. We sanded the complete statue manually to make it as smooth as possible. Afterwards, we sprayed the body 2 times with gold paint achieving a great end result. Post-processing is an affordable way to give the 3D printed part a completely different look.

Do you own a Builder Extreme and are interested in a post-processed print for a trade show or for a specific customer? We offer post-processing of your print as a new service. Contact us and send over your CAD file. Our team makes sure it looks like the actual object so you can present it to your customer in its full glory.

The photo/video was used with the approval of the lady.

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