Discover how Etergo uses the Builder Extreme 3D printer to develop their 100% electric AppScooter

Located in eco-friendly Amsterdam, Etergo is developing a fully electric scooter, with one of the highest ranges in the segment, an acceleration of 0-45 km in 3.3 seconds, with plenty of bells and whistles. What is more, living up to its name, this scooter comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and can safely run Android apps. It’s a totally unique electric vehicle.

To create this innovative product, Bolt Mobility invested in the Builder Extreme 2000 to print large prototypes. These included the saddle, battery module holders, elements of the frame, and Appscooter’s seat. A large 3D printer has allowed Bolt Mobility to print these prototypes at full scale, as single pieces.

The seat, for instance, is a large and important part of the scooter. They were capable of printing it within 6 days and were immediately able to perform fitting, shape and comfort tests.

This video shows the 3D printing process of the seat, printed in PLA with a 0.8 mm nozzle, cut with Builder’s Simplify 3D profile. This component was created with quite a lot of support material, as it was required to be mostly hollow to accommodate a beverage crate within the seat. Would you like to know more about AppScooter and all of its incredible features? Please visit to learn more.

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