3D printed Dinosaurs for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

A UK based company, who is specialized in CNC milling and 3D printing props for the film industry, has been printing 1:1 scale Dinosaurs for the new Hollywood Blockbuster Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. With the help of their 4 Builder Extreme 2000’s, the UK company has produced 4 life size Dinosaurs within several weeks.

The Dinosaur shown on the image is a Velociraptor and was fully 3D printed (except for the eye) on the Builder Extreme 2000 in Builder PLA. The body of the Velociraptor was 3D printed in 10 separate pieces to use as little support material as possible. The teeth and nails where 3D printed on the Builder Premium Large. After 3D printing, the parts were glued together and sanded on that specific point. After sanding the Velociraptor was painted by hand by craftsmen to give it’s natural look. The Velociraptor has a total lenght of 4 meters and weighs about 60 kg.

In total 4 Dinosaurs where 3D printed on the Builder Extreme 2000’s. 3D printing is the perfect tool to create light and cheaper props of high quality within days or weeks. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is now in theatres near you.

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