How Field Factors is 3D printing circular solutions to manage water in a meaningful way.

Field Factors is a specialised design agency and provider of product solutions for blue-green infrastructures. Inspired by nature, they design, engineer and build to meet the water needs of communities, industries and environment.

For building full-scale models, Field Factors is using the Builder Extreme 1500, which has a build volume of 1100x850x550 mm: one of the largest FDM printers in the world. Using this unique feature allows Field Factors to make prototypes of large models of infrastructural components within days with high attention to detail.

Besides printing full scale prototypes of components for infrastructure application, they also use the Builder to quickly make concrete moulds. Using plastic instead of wood saves them a whole woodworking workshop and allows them to test more free-form shapes. Being able to quickly build and test detailed models is unique in designing infrastructural products.

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