3D printed swans for window display

Visual communication is key in the luxury retail industry. Every brand wants to stand out and be noticed by potential clients. That is also the reason why the retail industry often change their windows on a weekly basis. This is exactly where large scale 3D printing comes in. With 3D printing, it is possible to create unique pieces in a short time frame.

A Dutch 3D printing service company, who owns multiple Extreme 1500 PRO units, was asked to design, 3D print and post process 4 beautiful swans for a luxury department store. The assignment was to design a very realistic swan in an attacking yet lovable position. After the design was approved, the swan was ready to be 3D printed. To minimize the support material and printing time, the head of the swan was printed separately as shown in the video. The body of the swan was 3D printed with a 0.8 mm nozzle, 0.5 mm layer height and 5% infill. The head of the swan had the most details so it was printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle and a 0.3 mm layer height. You can clearly see the difference in quality using the different layer heights. After the support was removed, the head was glued on the body of the swan and the post processing started. First the swan was sanded, then primer was added and another round of sanding was done and the painted job was done.

The swans are 1000 mm in length, 600 mm in height and 400 mm wide and was 3D printed on the Extreme 1500 PRO.
*Designed, 3D printed and post processed by 3D Printing Prototypes (NL)

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